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Samantha  has been my hairdresser for numerous years & i've always been more than happy with the professional & honest service she gives &a

Since using all the organic colour systems products, I'm amazed at the difference in my hair, it's silky soft and very shiny, my colour doesn't fad

In a perfect world I would have been born the correct gender but since fate decided to deal this somewhat cruel hand to me, I have learnt that they

I would highly recommend Samantha to anyone who wants high quality extensions.

I have know Sam for over 15 years now she is the most caring understanding young lady I have had the pleasure to meet.

I would recommend that anyone should pay Sam a visit. A fab hairdresser and person.

Sam has cut my hair for over 20 years. I have never had a bad hair cut and she understands how my hair works and what is best for me.

When you find a good hairdresser you hang on to them.

After having a brain tumour I received a massive course of radiotherapy.

Haircut after cancer

Hi there to all you ladies who are always searching for the ultimate in stylists.


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